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Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation or “adjustments” are a staple in chiropractic healthcare. Using a quick and specific impulse to a desired joint level, the adjustment can be extremely beneficial for restoring motion in the spine, normalizing overactive musculature and decreasing pain. Several techniques are utilized in office, including Diversified, Gonstead and Cox-Flexion distraction. Although spinal adjusting is most unique to chiropractic, extremity joint adjusting can also be performed for certain conditions, which can be very beneficial.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

During this therapy, specialized tools are used to both scan and treat muscle and fascial adhesions. This therapy is exceptional in reducing residual scar tissue from old injuries as well as adhesions that have built up in muscle because of chronic muscle dysfunction.

Laser Therapy

A relatively new physiotherapy used in chiropractic, deep tissue laser therapy has demonstrated significant evidence for accelerating the healing process of tissue at the cellular level.  This quick and non-invasive therapy is a great complement to many treatment plans, helping to get patients well sooner.

Electrical Stimulation

The use of small electrical currents into specific muscle regions of discomfort or dysfunction has shown to help many patients by working to normalize muscle tone and decrease associated pain levels.

Rehabilitative Training

Rehabilitative exercises are a vital component of one’s journey to optimal wellness. Proper functioning and cohesiveness of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems are essential in one’s everyday life. This training is not limited to only those recovering, as it can also be used for preventative purposes, or “prehab.” An individualized training program will ensure to cater to the specific regions of the body that need correcting in order to achieve ideal movement patterns.

Natural Remedies/Dietary Consults

Chiropractic healthcare should always be holistic in nature when treating patients. The role of nutrition in one’s course of wellness should never be ignored. Various natural remedies and dietary consults are offered to contribute to the healing process as well as prevent certain conditions from occurring.

Other services

Manual soft tissue therapies (trigger point release, pin and stretch, PIR and PFS), cryotherapy and warm compress.

Common Conditions Treated

Degenerative joint disease, disc injuries, sciatica, whiplash injuries, headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, sprain/strains and many more.

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